Sunday, October 12, 2008

So cold!

My day:

7:00am Get up.
7:15am Make tea. Drink tea.
7:30am Realize I haven't labeled the bath salts. Cuss.
7:45am Finish labeling salts and leave the house.
7:50am Arrive at Starbucks for hot chai and change for my money box.
8:00am Arrive at farmer's market. Unload vehicle. Park vehicle.
8:15am Move all my stuff across the street, because so many vendors are absent today. Set up.
9:00am Continue setting up and chatting with Larry, because it's gonna be a sloooooow day.
9:15am First customer buys 25 soaps. I refrain from complaining for the remainder of the market.
9:30am - 1pm Stand around my tent, talking to Larry and Rick (who canes chairs), and selling stuff.
1:15pm Load car and drive out.
1:30pm Unload car in garage.
1:45pm Drive 20 miles to pick up daughter.
2:30pm Drive back to Costco. Get pizza, milk, bread, and eggs.
3:15pm Fill car up w/gas at Costco.
3:30pm Drive home. Unload car in the rain, from the street, because husband's friends are parked in the driveway.
3:45pm Bake pizza
4:00pm Collapse.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, what a day! Glad you made a big sale.

    I was busy with new tenants (rah!) and couldn't make it over.