Monday, February 25, 2008

Take That!

79 words


Random Meme: 8 things about me

From Kitt.

1. I was born in... Iowa City, Iowa. Go Hawks!

2. I absolutely HATE...chewing gum. I hate it when others chew gum. I hate gum. If you're going to chew something, then it should be swallowed! It's called FOOD. Try it.

3. When I was a little girl...I wrote my first book. Age 6. The Book About Some, Teeth.Yes, I put in a random comma.

4. All I need in life to be happy realize that what I have right now is enough to make a bajillion people happy.

5. I like...selling books.

6. I new antique typewriter key necklace.

7. I am not...independently wealthy. Yet.

8. I have several mottos: "The harder I work, the luckier I get." "Love is all you need."

Saturday, February 23, 2008

YES WE CAN - Music Video Barack Obama

" the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope..."

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I have been having very strange, vivid dreams, and I don't know why. For a long time now, I haven't remembered my dreams much. I know they are there--maybe I've just been overtired.

Since I got a little sleep this weekend, perhaps I'm remembering my dreams again because I got some good REM sleep. Oh, bollocks. I have no idea what I'm saying.

Dream 1: I was in Paris for some sort of conference. It wasn't for my current job--it was for another business thing I do, which was not clear in the dream. The buildings and streets were all unknown to me in real life, and I remember saying to someone that I was in Paris. So I'm there, and I keep getting phone calls and emails and whatnot from my current job! People there kept sending me stuff to do! And I was mad, because I was about to have hot sex with...someone who shall remain nameless, as I don't want to hear it from you pervs.

Dream 2: I was in some strange school cafeteria, with children. I had them line up, and they would sprint from one end of the cafeteria to the other. I would time them, and they could never quite get there. At one point, I looked at myself in the mirror, and I had a blonde moustache and beard.

Dream 3: ...I have forgotten it. Damn. And I got up at 6am today, like on a regular work day. Coincidence?

Okay, let the interpretation begin:

Dream 1: Paris=vacation? Being somewhere else? I was also doing a different job. I was changing my direction. But the folks at my current work kept bugging me. My current work bugs me. It holds me back from the good life in Paris. Like having hot sex actor. No, no, holds me back from doing what I truly want to do. And I know this, and try to move forward in my life, but I still allow it to affect me because I kept answering their phone calls and emails. Hmm.

Dream 2: No matter what I do, those kids will only achieve as much as they want to, or are capable of. So I should just chill out before I grow a full beard.

Oh, it's all bollocks. Maybe dreams don't mean anything--they are just the brain processing the day's events. But these weren't the day's events---they were strange and weird, and I remember having feelings that were quite powerful. I was powerfully annoyed.

Whaddyou guys think?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lame blogger

Overworked! Dang!

I slept 10 hours Friday night. That whole Saturday I was STILL TIRED. I left the house later in the day to take our cutie somewhere to run around. But that's about it.

Well, I did dishes, too.

To atone for my absence, I present this video. I don't think I've laughed this hard in a long, long time.

Keep in mind: it's a NEWS ITEM! Someone thought this was newsworthy! People got PAID TO FILM THIS.

Okay, you go watch it now.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I'm a delegate?

So I went to the caucus.

I've never done that before. And I grew up in Iowa! One would think we were taught at birth what a caucus is and what to do, and why. Alas, not so.

But I went anyway because this presidential election is important to me. I want to do something to help make good changes in our government.

And I was the only one.

OH, the school was full. Voting precincts 310 and 312 were packed. 301-309, as well.

My voting area is 311. And I was THE ONLY PERSON THERE.

They had a person from the Colorado Dems to help me. We sat alone in a room, called the meeting to order, and I was counted. I also voted for myself as a delegate. Unfortunately, 311 lost 3 delegates! We could have had 4! Oh, well.

I also voted myself in as the Democratic Committee Person for my neighborhood. That means I get to knock on all the doors of the registered democrats in my neighborhood and ask them why I was THE ONLY ONE at the caucus. And ask them to vote for Barack.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Handmade Life

Time to make the doughnuts!

That's what I tell myself on Sundays, when I have to make the soap. I've been making soap once per week for the past few weeks, and this has helped me to keep up with orders. I've been getting several soap orders per week! It's so awesome!

Sometimes it is difficult to rouse myself to make the soap, as it is physically demanding. However, I have my rhythm down to 1.5 hours for two batches of soap, so I just tell myself "it's just an hour, you can do it." I also tell myself, "Do you want to eat this month, or not?"

Big thanks to all my soapy supporters. You feed my family! I so appreciate your continued support and recommendations.

I am hard at work on my second soaping book, which I hope to finish very soon. Stay tuned!

Birthday fun

Yesterday was my birthday! It was also my daughter's birthday! Hooray!

My mom and dad are in town, on their way to St. George, Utah. It worked out this year that they would be here on our birthday.

To celebrate, we went bowling. It was my daughter's first try at bowling. They put up bumpers in the gutters so you can avoid gutter balls.

No, the adults did not all bowl 300.