Friday, October 31, 2008

Check out that sneer

Meet Sneery McGrowlypants and Manic McGee. Both are here to steal your candy on the way to the door. Sneery doesn't think much of Manny, as Manny appears too excited to eat yer Snickers. Sneery thinks Manny needs to just chill out, once. Sneery's been around this block before.

So to speak.

p.s. Sneery is "mine," as in, "That's your pumpkin, mama. The small one is mine." Manny is my daughter's, whose only direction to me was that it must have, "...scary teeth."


  1. Funny. Zoe refused to let us carve hers. She drew on it with markers, instead.

  2. I love Sneery! My daughter always asks for the impossible... like a horse or a fairy. I can usually convince her to stick with a Halloween theme.