Monday, April 27, 2009

I am only allowed to post every 23 days.


Lots going on around here. I am going to sell my wares at the Colorado Chocolate Festival. I am also participating in a giveaway for my friend, Esri Rose's promotion for her new elven romantic suspense novel, Stolen Magic. It will be released May 5, 2009. That's next week! Buy it, people.

Speaking of books, I am writing two books at once, now, because I'm just a little wacky that way. Both will be published in the summer. I'm also slated to have an article published in The Saponifier in August. I've got another fair, the Roxborough Spring Festival, the last weekend in May. Then school's out, and the farmer's markets begin.

Jeez. When I write it all out like that, it seems like a lot.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Radio Interview!

My radio interview is happening this morning--10am central time/ 9am mountain time.

You can listen here.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Iowa Rocks!!

About 1 hour ago, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled their gay marriage ban as unconstitutional, allowing for the legal right for gays to marry. 

In Iowa!

I am so proud to be from Iowa. This comes as wonderful news, but you must know it isn't very shocking to me. Many folks think that "The Heartland" is synonymous with "Conservatives," but I have never found that to be completely accurate. Of course, I went to the ultra-liberal University of Iowa for my undergraduate degree, so I was surrounded by liberals for 5 of my formative years. Maybe just eastern Iowa is liberal.

But I don't think so! Not anymore! No more "conservative" or "liberal" talk. How about just, "the right thing to do?"  How about that?

Go Iowa!