Friday, October 19, 2012

How Busy is "Too Busy?"

In short, my husband told me he was sick of hearing it. He was sick of hearing how tired I am all the time. Sick of my constant complaint that I do everything and I'm so tired, and he just didn't want to hear it. 

I could have picked a fight about it. Instead, I decided I was sick of it, too. 

I'm sick of being too tired to work. Sick of doing every damned thing. Sick of being sick of it, as well. 

So I decided, this year, for our wedding anniversary, I would give my  husband a gift that he a) didn't expect and b) would truly appreciate and c) would be practical, helpful, and would make our lives better. 

I stopped complaining about work. 

Guess what happened?

Both of our lives are improved. I didn't even tell him I did it. I didn't tell him that was his gift, until our anniversary. At which point, he did notice that it had been a few weeks since he'd heard it from me. 

I really don't care if he appreciates it, because the side effect for me has been overwhelming. MY attitude and MY words have made MY life better. I no longer feel as worn out, exhausted, and dog-tired. Yes, I get fatigued--I am a human being. But the simple act of removing the complaint of it from my life has caused things to turn around.

I'm more productive more evenings. 
I panic less.
My communication is clearer. 

It took some concerted effort on my part, but I think this change is permanent. It's very worth it.

What changes in attitude have you made, that improved your work life?