Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Goals

I am recommitted! This summer, I am going to transform my businesses. To wit:

  • I will continue to gain private label clients for my handmade soap business.
  • I will rewrite my three books on soap making.
  • I will ghost write a book on roller skate maintenance.
  • I will sell my roller derby necklaces at Rollercon and have the time of my life, for one week.
  • I will travel home to Iowa for 5 days, and visit my family. 
  • I will garden, exercise, skate, swim, and generally relax.
  • I will work for a friend on her new project. Top secret!
I will do all of this starting on Monday. Until then, I must make it through this week. See you in a few days.

(Want to know how I got out of my funk? Read this blog post.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Small Craft Business: Emailing Potential Vendors

I received an email today, from a person organizing a new "crafty-flea-market" thing. She had emailed me before, and I know who she is, because she met me when I was vending, and took my card. 

She's soliciting everyone who she thought was cool at THAT market, to come work her market. This makes sense to me, as a businessperson.


When she sent the email, she didn't blind-copy everyone on the list. She put us in the "to" field. So now, if I wanted, I could email all these people. 

She went about it the right way. She met these people in person, and gave them HER card, and said she wanted them to vend at her market. She isn't competing with the market she visited. It's all good.

But that one thing put me off.