Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I don't often remember my dreams. This is the dream I woke up to on Tuesday:

...I was walking into the Pepsi Center, but it wasn't the Pepsi Center--more like a huge tent outside of it. Everything was distorted, as my dreams tend to be. I was walking around with Kira, and all of a sudden we were backstage. Very glad to see us, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of Kiss waved and said hello. One of them gave me a piece of jewelry--a necklace that had a pendant that was almost a collar--it was worked metal, with diamonds in it here and there; the metal looked like thickened, stylized vines. The ends of this metal piece were attached to a thick, black velvet cord. Someone tied it around my neck, and I was wearing it proudly. Kira was with me this whole time we circulated backstage at a Kiss concert. ...

Well, I didn't wake up to that one. First, I woke up to a kissing dream. Actual kissing, not the band. No, I wasn't kissing the band, either. It was cool to remember two dreams, though.

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