Monday, February 08, 2010


Photo by maxually via Flickr. Used with permission.

I'm breathing into that paper bag right about now. I really should chill the eff out, but when you send an email to Steve Jobs, it might just take the wind right out of you.

Like right now.

And now that I think a little longer about it, I should really just chill, because he isn't even going to read it. His assistant will read it, and will pass it on, or delete it. I just thought he should know how I plan to use the iPad when I get one.

The iPad will revolutionize ebook reading. Really, it will. Have you seen the gorgeous display? I'm tired of blog post after blog post slagging on the iPad. As an eReader, this thing will be amazing. Textbook publishers are already on the bandwagon, and that could be really, really cool for education. I would LOVE for my kids to all have iPads, preloaded with the textbooks they need.

In addition, my new publishing project, Crafte-Revolution, has been validated by the unveiling of the iPad. Crafters may now take their photographed tutorials from the desktop to the sewing table. Or the soaping table. Or the kitchen! Can you do that with your Kindle? No, it doesn't read in full color. How about your Nook? Nope.

And you can't compose emails on your Nook. You can barely do it on your Kindle.

This is going to be huge for crafters everywhere. You can now go green like never before. How many books can the iPad hold? I don't know--but you will be able to house all your craft books in one place. It syncs with your desktop/laptop computer, so you can choose what ebooks to hold on your iPad.

I'm doing the butt dance over here, people. I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Birthday Wish

Yesterday was my birthday. Hooray! As an easy birthday present, could you share my call for submissions with 3 friends who write? Just 3. That's all:

I accomplished a lot in my 40th year, I think. I blogged about it at Crafte-Revolution. Please join the conversation here. Enjoy the photo. Don't be scared.