Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Forget Christmas...

...or whatever winter holiday you celebrate. Right now is the most wonderful time of the year, as evidenced by my daughter's social calendar:

Oct. 17 Pumpkin Festival at school. Costumes, pumpkin launch, snacks, playing with all her friends.

Oct. 24 Halloween party at my friend Ann's. Of course, my daughter wore her costume.

Oct. 29 Trick-or-Treat party at the local alternative high school. They do it up for the neighborhood kids.

Oct. 31 Trick-or-Treat time in Boulder, on Pearl street, at 2pm, with her friend, Zoe. Then back home afterward for real trick-or-treating with her cousins, in our neighborhood.

Nov. 1 Day of the Dead party at our friend's house. They said to specifically "bring your kids."

It is a small wonder, then, that my daughter is talking in her sleep:

"...pumpkin car....it's so big..."


  1. to be honest, I think that schedule sounds pretty fun for a kid.

    I like Thanksgiving, myself...no pressure other than eating turkey as often as possible.

  2. Now, if only we had a pumpkin regatta to add to the fun...


  3. It's been the same way here, but I'm ready for a break. That probably won't happen until next year.

  4. Happy kid! I think Halloween is the best kid holiday. You get to be silly and everyone gives you candy. No threats of "naughty or nice," either.