Sunday, October 05, 2008


On Saturday, I took my daughter to the Denver Urban Farm. What a great place! They give horse riding lessons, have a vegetable garden with an area for birthday parties, and lots of animules. Allow me to illustrate:

We were surrounded by these little goats almost instantly! They swarmed around us, presumably begging for treats. Alas, we had none. We could pet them, though.

This horse let us pet his nose. So pretty.

The llama with the buck teeth seemed to say, "Eh, what ewld chap? Did I hear you say my name? Bring me some tea, post haste! and an orthodondist, what?"

More goaty-goats, being fed bits of hay. My daughter had a fantastic time. Around every bend there was a different animal.

These inquisitive turkeys pecked my daughter's hand on the fence! Not hard--just enough to teach her a lesson about not having treats, I think.

This lovely hen is called a Barred Rock. I know this from my small amount of research into keeping backyard chickens. I thought she was so pretty, rustling about in the morning glories.

And here is SeƱor Roosterpants, who crowed constantly, and lunged at us every chance he got. Look at the green shine on his black feathers. He thinks he's cock of the walk.

Sheepy McCuterson seems to be saying, "Take my photo, dahling. I geeve of myself to you." Ahn.

Here's that Barred Rock hen again. Isn't she just delightful? I love chickens.

Aaand, here we have Mr. Bill trying to climb the fence as a hoofed mammal, and Lady Alpaca, blinking her eyelashes at us, as if that would help. It did not. Sorry! We were here to exploit your beauty.

Time to go! See you next time, animules!

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  1. Awesome! I'm glad you had such a good time there. Great pics!