Saturday, October 04, 2008

More dreams

So, things are going well at work. I thought they were, anyway. So why am I having dreams about school (this happens to all teachers, all the time--don't fret), that turn into nightmares?

Not only nightmares, but it was like a horror movie, and I was in it. There was a weird house, and a person in a cage, and another person yelling at me about someone else who had multiple bones in his skull (no explanation--it's a dream. I didn't get an explanation, either). The screamer looked like Angelina Jolie. In costume for a movie.

*shakes head to clear it*

And the person in the cage was yelling, and it wasn't really a cage, but one of those old, dungeon-like doors made of wood with a small, barred window, and the door was on a very small room. More like a closet. That person, a man, was yelling at me that he wanted out, and I was running around this house, trying to get away from the scary people, and trying to save the man in the cage, and my feelings were of terror.


And now that I'm thinking about it, it becomes clear to me, because the face of the man is one of my students at school (not a man, but a boy), and he's in a cage, hollering at me to save him. No surprise, there. I'm his teacher, and in real life, he does need some saving. Scary bone woman, telling me about someone with multiple bones in his skull? I don't quite know who that is, but she was ordering me around, and I couldn't save the man because of it. She represents the extraneous stuff I have to do that hinders me from my job of saving children from their own lives.

It's 8:30am on a Saturday, and already I need a drink. It's not often I wake up cold, sweating, and shaking.

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