Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pawn shop? Second-hand store?

My dream this morning was weird, again, but at least it wasn't about school. At one point I was driving on the highway, and it slowed considerably because there was some water in the road--like a water main had broken, or something. I drove over this spot twice--once going, and once coming back. But it happened right away, the going and coming back.

And I also worked in a pawn shop or second=hand store. It was a bit hard to tell. At one point, I found something in there that was a treasure--it was a video on a flash drive, sold in a case like old cassette tapes. The video was, um, "adult." Ahem ahem. And I remember thinking, "why is something this technologically forward being sold here?"

Okay, what does all this mean? My dreams just keep getting weirder.

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