Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Has Arrived

And I took the day off! Officially! I woke up early, but I made myself stay in bed for a while. I actually thought, "I could get up, and then take a nap later," and my head almost exploded. Stay in bed!

So I did. I rolled out at 7:30am, straight into a hot bath. Aaaaah. I recommend starting cool fall days like this.

Our mini pumpkins! We have three. Above is the one that's almost ripe...

...and here are a couple that need to catch up. Halloween is in a couple of weeks, guys!


  1. Aw, lookit them li'l punkins! Your yard is not quite the barren wasteland you make it out to be ...

  2. See the dirt underneath them? See the cracks in it? That's what the rest of the yard is like. Mostly. :(

  3. Pumpkins! Were they there when we were down last?