Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Small Craft Business: Tuesday To-Do

You get my to-do list today simply because I forgot to do it yesterday. I'm on spring break! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obsessed? Maybe a little.

I was talking with my husband the other day, you know, like you do, and was explaining or describing or whatever, something to do with roller derby.

He interrupted me, saying, "Do you think about roller derby all the time?"

Yes. Pretty much, yes. 

Through roller derby, I have found joy. 

I find a similar joy when I am creating the artwork for my roller derby necklaces. I imagine a friend who would like that particular color, and wonder if she feels the same way. I marvel at the colors and rejoice when they turn out well (About 7% of them don't turn out. I've had to add this into the cost.). 

What does this have to do with business? 

If I could find a way to make my crafty business work so that I'm self-employed, I could experience roller derby joy every day.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FUNdraiser! Roller Derby! Brazilians!

It’s time to support the spread of roller derby worldwide! The women of the Gray City Rebels in Sao Paulo, Brazil and 2x4 Roller Derby in Buenos Aires, Argentina want to improve their skills by hosting a Certifiable Derby Training camp. But these teams need a little help with funds. Let’s commit to the spread of roller derby around the world by helping these teams reach their financial goals, so they can learn from the best, improve their skills, and make a fine showing at the next World Cup!

From March 15-April 15, you can help these teams by making a purchase at www.soapcrone.com. For every purchase made during that time frame, 25% will be committed to the Gray City Rebels and 2x4 Roller Derby’s plan to host a world-class training camp this June.

Get clean, and help some derby sisters out!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Small Craft Business: Vendor Tuesday

Today's vendor is Staples! Seriously? Yes! My printer at home is just ok, and I have recently begun creating digital artwork for my new crafty project. I needed to print things out perfectly. 

Enter Staples! They will print out one sheet on cardstock for a dollar. I can fit nearly 50 circles for my pendants on one sheet. That's a cost of $0.02 per circle. Take that, finances!

You might consider signing up for their email list--I get coupons and announcements of sales, daily. 

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Small Craft Business: Time-on-Task Thursday--Roller Derby Edition

I'm giddy.

I have been very reflective this week. As many of you may know, I am not  yet fully self-employed. I would love this, but it's just not in the cards yet. This week at work (public school), the cuts came through. At this time every year, schools get their budget projections for the next year, and that usually means positions will be cut.

Unsurprisingly, I had to interview for my own job. 

Luckily, I was selected to stay, so I'm still employed. But is it lucky? One of my friends was not so "lucky" and she was cut. She is nearly retirement age, and we suspect that's part of the issue (expense), but can't prove it. But her situation is different from mine--I cannot retire if I choose. 

This whole thing got me to thinking hard, though, about what I need to do to get out. I speak of my job in terms of escape, often. If only, if only. During times like these, to make myself feel better, I take some sort of action. Moving toward my goal only makes sense.

So I signed up to be a sponsor of Rollercon. My roller derby necklaces are popular locally, and are an easy sell when I'm actively trying. I think it's a measured risk, to go to a convention, surrounded by my target market, and attempt to sell them something they already want. 

Don't you? 

Also, there are lots of parties there. Every night, really.