Sunday, October 19, 2008

omg almost missed it!

I almost missed blogging today! It's 9:15pm, and I just remembered to blog. This weekend was incredibly busy, to follow an incredibly busy week.

Friday after school, we participated in my daughter's schools' Fall Festival. Costumes, snacks, games, and a smash-the-pumkin launch.

Saturday was the last farmer's market, which my husband worked, and I took my daughter to a fairy tea party at a friend's house in Boulder. 4 little girls will wear you out, lemme tell you.

Then today, I had to work the farmer's market, do my retail taxes afterward, then take my daughter to speech therapy. I took her out to eat after that, came home, and announced I was no longer available for comment.

Tomorrow, I'm going to work one job, and that's it.


  1. Hey Soap Lady, my windows need washing. Can you come help me with that?

    Since you'll have all this free time tomorrow ...

  2. Scads of free time! Oodles of free time!

    Alas, my free time is already scheduled. I think I'll be passed out on the couch. :)