Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Better this time around

Wicked nunchuck skills may be an asset when attending school. Wearing a t-shirt that proclaims it? Definitely an asset.

School is a wild place before any behavior even happens. Middle school and high school are especially wild and weird. Let's pile all of the children of wacked-out hormonal age in one building, and teach 'em something.

The smartest of them quickly learn that they are being taught how to manage themselves in the world, and not necessarily how to read and write. It's a survival strategy. These smartypants kiddos do funny things, and they often make teaching some kind of fun. I know of children that have:

  • worn the above t-shirt
  • worn pigtails and Converse All-Stars, because I was, too
  • worn pajamas to school
  • named friend Steve's stapler ("Sprinkles")
I know you have hilarious stories from high school. Think back, and let us know.


  1. It's homecoming week at West High, and the student council has assigned "spirit days" to give the rest of the school an outlet for their rambunctious energies. One of the days is divided by class -- freshmen come as nerds, sophomores in "camo" or camouflage, juniors in retro-wear, and seniors in togas.

    Two of my sophomores, feeling that they have a special aversion to camouflage been gyped in the costume department, decide to have a little fun. One comes as the head, the other the tail of a camel.

    Then, when they are scolded by their peers, elders, and betters they respond, "It's CAMO DAY? Oh, we thought you said CAMEL DAY!"

  2. OMG stephen, that is too much! I love those children and I don't even know them.

    How is Sprinkles?

  3. Sprinkles filled he craw the last two days with mouthful after mouthful of descriptive essays and character analyses from the first chapter of _Of Mice and Men_. Now that he has snacked his fill, he has withdrawn to my top-right desk drawer to digest.