Sunday, January 25, 2009


That's what I am. My new business launches in a couple of weeks, and I am working furiously on my end to get it to happen. I am communicating with my web guy to see if he is ready for launch by next weekend, so that we can work out the bugs before the grand opening on Feb. 14.

I'm a little stressed.

It's eustress, though, not distress. Yet. I'm managing to keep it that way, but I don't know for how long! Also, my family has been ill. I woke up this morning with more mucus than I care to have in my head, so I'm trying to head that off as best I can.

Oh, man, and I have to start going through receipts, etc. for taxes. *eyes roll back in head*

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not too late!

I am enamoured with making calendars. What is it about the passage of time that gets me riled up? I think it's because I'm turning 40.


In any case, the calendar above is my Etsy shop's best-seller! I guess there are a lot of writing women out there who want some inspiration and vintage fonts. You got it, sister.

My next-best seller is the moon phase calendar here:

It has all the traditional Pagan holidays noted, as well as all the moon phases for 2009. If you aren't into the Pagan thing, I have saved the calendar with the same cool font and design, but without the Pagan references--the notes section just says "Notes" and the holidays aren't marked, but the moon phases are still there. I love this one--I think it is so pretty.

With printable stuff, it's always the right time to snap it up. Tell your friends and send 'em over. You can click the photos for links to my Etsy shop, or you can purchase these with th Paypal widget right at the top of this page.

It's not too late! It's only mid-January. Get a new calendar, once!

Gettin' biz-zay

Oh, yeah. Those of you who know me in real life are laughing at the thought of me saying "gettin' biz-zay." And you should. It is hilarious when someone as straight as I am tries to be hip at all. No hip here.

My new year, such as it is, is off to a rip-roaring start. I am starting two new businesses (well, really expanding one, but it's a lot of work, and it's two different things). Stay tuned for the news on these, but one of them launches February 14.

That is, if I can get my act together. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can get my act together? Anyone? Anyone? I mean, really, at this point, I will have to put "blog entry" on my daily calendar schedule.

*ponders it*

Not a bad idea.

Stay tuned for the launch of my new (sexy!) website. Oh, and I've got a Digg button. Yes, you will want to Digg me. Can ya Digg it? I knew that you could.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New year? Feh.

I know that teaching in public schools is very different from the real world. Did you know that teachers talk that way? "Let's go out to lunch and behave like real people at work." This is our impression of the world, anyway--we are insulated from it, and only have our spouses or friends to tell us differently. Our own reality IS reality. That's just the way it is.

Which is why I find myself confused today. I usually couldn't give a shit about the new year. The calendar flips over. Whoopity doo. I don't care, because my year doesn't start in January. It starts in August, ends in May, and there is a special in-between time called "summer" where I get to join the real world.

But today is different for some reason. I think it's because I turn 40 in four weeks. Today, I am full of hope, and I'm thinking about my health and my businesses, and things I want to do. I wonder if this is how people in the real world feel on January 1.

Is it?