Sunday, October 28, 2007


I think I'm gettin' old. I can't do this anymore!

I worked Saturday night, from about 5:30pm to midnight, then drove home. I got to bed around 1am, then got up at 6:30am to prepare for the farmer's market today.

This was brutal! I am in a fog--I didn't really nap, but eventually found the strength to turn on Law and Order: Criminal Intent and watch a few episodes. I love any Law and Order show.

What? You want highlights of the Witches' Ball? Okay. Aside from my annoying greeting line, "Are you having a ball???!" the night was mostly hysterical. The Magickal Marketplace is one crowded room, let me tell you. I'm so glad I brought my friend Ann with me--she helped make the time fly. We wore matching witch hats: mine was green, and hers was black.

The guy sitting right behind us, and I mean 12 INCHES AWAY, wore no underwear, which was perfectly clear every time he bent over or sat down, which was 90% of his activity. Luckily, possessing common sense, we faced the other way as much as possible.

This did not prevent us from seeing ass. One guy was walking around in what looked like a brown diaper with suspenders. After averting our eyes, with much difficulty, to his footwear, we realized he was supposed to be a Roman Centurion. Another guy was naked from the waist up, with a pan flute around his neck, wearing a speedo and fishnet tights with huge holes. I did not notice him at first--Ann told me about him. And then a kick to the shin made me turn my head, and he WAS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY TABLE WITH HIS ASS RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF MY FACE OH HOLY MOTHER OF STARBUCKS!

Ann had warned me.

Another favorite outfit was the woman dressed as a "ho" while her man was dressed as a "pimp." As a woman, I object to this sort of Halloween costumery. Ann and I both objected to the fact that this woman was 6 feet tall before wearing heels, wore a "dress" that had a zipper in the front from the bottom to the top, worn unzipped to well past her cleavage, and with a skirt "length" that did NOT reach past her vajayjay. How did we know this? Did I mention she was 6 feet tall before the heels? Standing right in front of us, as we were sitting? Did you hear me say "vajayjay?" Yes, you heard right.

There were some stellar fairy wings and butterfly wings and witch hats and such. Super-creepy wings that looked like they were made out of flesh. People dressed as walking trees. Most of the costumes were awesome.

And the people themselves? So friendly and social. This was unlike the farmer's market for me, which is often filled with The Grouchy, as it is relatively early on a Sunday morning. The folks laughed and joked with us, and we all had A BALL!

Then I had to get up at 6:30 this morning and be all "congenial" and "affable" and "such." It was difficult! But I did it.

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  1. I had a friend who went to a party wearing a plastic kitchen garbage bag (over shorts and a shirt) and curlers in her hair. She was "white trash".