Monday, October 22, 2007

Two days

We have parent-teacher conferences today and tomorrow. Well, we HAD them today, and we will have them tomorrow. Two days of working from 7am-8pm. This is what it takes to have Wednesday-Friday off this week. They call it "Fall Break." As hard as they make us work for it, they should call it "Fall Down and Try Not To Break Your Face When You Do."

Sunday's post was pre-action on Sunday. 3am posts count, though! That was a rough night, but I still got up early to pack the car and go to the farmer's market. I thought it would be fun--folks strolling through the snow, with their kidlets wrapped up in blankets on a sled. Laughing and joking, and, "I love snow! Don't you love snow?"

This snow came in sideways, and stayed that way for quite a few hours. We got about 5 inches in just a few hours, which isn't the worst, but it was below 30 degrees with winds strong enough to blow my tent around. I didn't set up my stuff--I just backed my car under my tent and "sold" out of the back of the car. "Sold" is in "quotes" because I only "sold" one bar of soap. At 9:45 my gloves rebelled on me when I took one off, and the lining slid out with my hand, and I couldn't get it back in there. DAMMIT!

So I took off--went to Costco, went to Sunflower Market, then went home. Hung out in my jammies all day. It was great!

But now we are broke. This weekend will definitely be better--weather in the 60s, and two shows!


  1. Snow? Where the heck do you live? I'm in Maine and it was 75ºF on Sunday and Monday!

    Our farmer's market is planning on going all winter -OUTSIDE. I think they're ALL gonna go broke!

  2. ok, here's my two cents on teachers' days. Our town does parent teacher meetings for three days twice a year in the afternoon which means six half days that are made up later in the year. I have to leave work and drive 30 minutes each way to make the 15 minute conference, but I think this is a more managable solution. Back to school night, on the other hand, is once a year but horrific. I'm not sure I understand how these teachers make it from sometimes as early as 6 AM to as late as 9 PM. Bless them for being there but I think it's awful.