Friday, October 05, 2007

Chugga chugga, chugga chugga, woo woo!

Hop on the Amy train!

Today was a little disjointed--hubby is a bit ill, and has been under the weather for a few days. Last night he asked me if I could take a 1/2 day off, to help him out. He watches our daughter, you see, so I need to stay home for him to have a day off.

I agreed to it, as I need a break from work, anyway. So I got up this morning, checked my email, started getting dressed...

...and realized that today is the first day of our enrichment classes for the kids! Gaaaaaaah! Of course, that class is the last class of the day! I can't take the last 1/2 off!

But I already did. I called it in last night. So, when I got to school I had to check to make sure they got my sub request, start making plans for period 6 and 7, and find someone to sub for period 8. I called the speech therapist and left a message, hoping she could push back our appointment, so I could still teach the new class. Yes, I am crazy, but it's the fun class, for the love of bob! I can't miss the first day!

During my first class, the speech therapist called me back, saying she could reschedule for later. Hooray! So I scrambled like crazy to plan for the afternoon, finished teaching my two classes at the same time ("independent work day"), made my copies, and went home around 9:45am.

I hung out for about an hour, got the cutie ready, and we went to the soap supply warehouse to get the stuff I've needed for over a week. We then drove home, had some lunch, and I did some internet work. I convinced hubby to watch the cutie for 1.5 hours while I went back to school to teach.

I taught. At the bell, I bolted home. I picked up the cutie, drove her to speech therapy, then went to Starbucks while she was there. She finished the therapy, and we drove home. Finally. And I've just finished making my family some dinner.

Tonight, I'll make soap.

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  1. I did not know you were such a GROOVY girl! ;-)

    For me to have a day off I have to have Mulletman take the girls AWAY because I am a consummate homebody.

    Glad you were able to work everything out.