Friday, October 26, 2007

My perfect day

Someone sent me this meme. She triple-dog dared me to do it.


My perfect day starts with me getting out of bed when I wake up naturally. No alarm clock. I make a perfect pot of coffee, and take my cup down to my lovely, fully-finished basement, where my office awaits. I sit down and start work at my publishing business, on the computer. The cat box is perfectly clean.

I work until I'm hungry. My perfect husband gets our perfect daughter ready for school. It's a public school, so nothing is really perfect--except right now, when I'm dreaming! She has a perfect teacher who meets all her academic needs.

I eat when I'm hungry and drink when I'm thirsty, and I make about $2,000 per day at the computer. All of my work is computer and internet-based.

Around 2pm, I'm done working and I'll go to the gym to work out, or take the dogs to the park. I'll come home and get dinner started. My perfect husband will have picked up our daughter from school, and she will do her homework at the table while we prepare dinner.

We will eat dinner as a family.

After dinner, we will play with our daughter, or do simple family chores around the house. Television might be involved.

I will help get my daughter get ready for bed, and read Harry Potter to her until she falls asleep. Then, I will hang out on the computer, or read, or watch tv, or take a long bath, or DO WHATEVER I WANT until it is time for bed.

Then I will fall asleep, happy in the knowledge that I had a perfect day.


Do I seem easy to please, or what?


  1. definitely!

    BTW, my daughter has what I call a perfect teacher. Seriously! We had a parent teacher conference with her this morning - ours was delayed cos of some testing results we were awaiting - and I have yet to come across anyone who is so genuinely connected with the kids she teaches or cares as deeply as she does. And it's not a facade or a front. Every interaction I have had with her has been like this. She has identified my daughter's needs so well that I am quite speechless and overwhelmed. And, yes, it's a public school!

    My perfect day will have dishes done miraculously, floors cleaned, toilets glistening, bathtubs gleaming, beds made, laundry done, light in the basement...small things that are big chores.

  2. But that's a good thing, because it means you may actually have a few perfect days. Unlike those whose idea of the perfect day includes winning the lottery and sharing a cab with George Clooney.