Saturday, October 06, 2007

DAM, that's good art.

Some quotes from our excursion to the Denver Museum of Art:

L: "Do you suppose they put those kickrails there because someone brained themselves on the diagonal wall?"


A: "This artist's quote is: "A stripe is as valid as a goddamn flower.""


E: "Do you suppose those parts get stuck, and some guy has to come out here with a pole and unhook them?"
A: "Yeah. *affects hillbillly accent* Hey, Cletus! It's your turn to unhook Oblique Lines Down Number 3! (Cletus) Goddamn, that sculpture is gonna ruin mah day!"


A: "What the hell is this? Digital clocks inside shiny discs? *reads sign* 80 different people in Denver set the speed for each of the 80 different things. I still don't get it. This means nothing to me."

E: "Nobody had ever done it, and he got a grant."


J: "I want to walk on that ledge."

L: "Me, too."

A: "Terrifying."

E: "Too slippery."


A: *whispers to J* "It looks like a big penis."


E: *pouts*

A: "What happened?"

E: "I dropped my butter." *picks it up, inspects it for dirt*

L: "Don't even think about it! We'll get a new one!"



  1. E: That's some angry art.

    A: That IS angry art.

    Everyone: Every outing should finish with some can-can dancing.

    Nice find on the link to Pints Pub. It were fooon!

  2. "They're lifting their skirts... Gawk a little!"

    "That painting looks like 1970's shag carpet."

    "It's a third-grade papier mache project - and the balloon popped."

  3. I think I want to go to that museum.

    Just because...

    Darn you! Now I wanna fly to Denver and I done be broke!