Monday, October 15, 2007

What will do it?

Last night, at about 8pm, I might have had a small anxiety attack. My heart began to race, I couldn't breathe very well, I got a bad headache all of a sudden, and I couldn't seem to wrap my brain around anything.

I asked my husband, "Don't most heart attacks happen on Monday morning?"

He said, "uh...yep. They do. Why?"

I said, "What about Sunday night?"

So I took some ibuprofen and went to bed, trying to think of other things. The other things generally involve me visualizing how my life will be when I am self-employed. And then I drift off to sleep, calm, peaceful.

Today at work, I didn't have a heart attack. But work is bad for me right now. Very, very bad.


  1. I'm sorry. I wish you in Greece for a week in the mountains with a map and a compass and a good supply of water and power bars.

  2. And ouzo!

    Sorry things are so rough.

  3. What they said plus oreos.

    hang in there...

  4. And a back rub and a foot rub and lots of TLC. I hope Mr. Groovygrrl reads your blog. :-D

    How far is Pasquini's on Broadway from you? I have a $50 gift cert that expires on Friday. They gave me the gift cert for 'problem solving' (read: rude hostess) and then promptly moved out of downtown Louisville. I found out a couple of days ago when I craved some of their fresh bread and found an empty restaurant. I could mail it to you right away so that you get it by Friday. No strings attached. And I have absolutely no idea what the Denver restaurant is like but why waste a perfectly good gift cert? Email me: polarmate at gmail dot com