Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm going on record.

I hate Ikea.

It is not my style. And, I don't like looking at it. I imagine the stuff is uncomfortable and it probably would make me itch.

I was looking at this site called Renovation Voyeur, thinking that I would enjoy seeing people's before and after photos of their renovations. No such luck--all of the renovations listed so far (not that many) have dark wood floors, stark white walls, and angular everything. It all looks very sterile and sharp corners, and ugh. Ugh!

I had to stop looking!


  1. There is an IKEA in Colorado?

    I got some neato lamps from there. I also have a thick round red rug that I have had for years now. It's gorgeous. Most of the furniture is particle board stuff, which is why it is so cheap.

    I don't hate IKEA but I am picky about what I buy from there. When there is an IKEA nearby, that is.

  2. It makes me itch. The last of it is finally out of my house.