Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vendor Tuesday

It's vendor of the week! I really should figure something out for each day of the week, to keep this blog both

a) rolling, and

b) relevant  and

c) useful.

So I'm starting with Tuesday, and calling it Vendor Tuesday. I will do a little write-up with a link to a favorite vendor of mine, inviting commentary about said vendor. That's relevant to crafters in business, right?

So, one of my favorite craft vendors is Sun and Moon Craft Kits.  This shop carries Diamond Glaze, which I love, and all sorts of jewelry components for Scrabble tile jewelry, and other pendant-type things. Oh, and they also have those neodymium super-duper magnets.

Did I spell that right? Yes, I think I did.

Do you source  your vendors online? Who you do like?

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