Friday, October 28, 2011

Small Craft Business: Freedom Friday

Freedom Friday will be a new blog feature here at Craft e-Blog. I want very much to be free of my day job, because it vexes me. However, the health insurance (no matter how expensive it is) and retirement I've already worked so hard for, keep me there. Also, I'm not quite ready financially to take the leap into self-employment. 

What to do? 

In the meantime, on Fridays I will focus on the aspects of self-employment that make me feel liberated. To wit:

When I am selling my soap at a farmer's market, I am acutely aware of the human aspect of that form of sales, and the history of it. A farmer's market is the oldest form of commerce, if you think about it: we set up our tents and tables, display our wares, and the people come by and buy it, or they don't. Our efforts at getting them to buy our stuff varies, and technology does have an impact, but in the end, it's just me and my stuff. Wanna buy it?

I am free to interact with the public how I want. I am free to discount my products if I want to. I am free to wander away and buy a jalapeno-cheddar elk sausage from Biker Jim. I am free to give a lip balm away to a loyal customer, as an incentive. 

Nobody is telling me what to do or how to do it. Nobody is telling me what the outcome should be of my day. Nobody is telling me what a failure I am at what I do, and nobody is complaining about me in the papers. All of that bad stuff happens to me in or because of my day job. 

When I'm selling soap, I'm free. 

What about your business makes you feel free?

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