Saturday, October 08, 2011

Lucky Red Shoes

When I was studying for my undergraduate degree, I had a routine on mid-term and finals day. I would don my red Chuck Taylor Converse shoes, pack up my all-red pencils and pencil sharpener, and head to class.

I thought this helped me to do well on exams,  that these items were somehow lucky. I now realize that the routine of dressing the same and using familiar tools helped to calm me so that test anxiety was not a factor.

Those red shoes went to Europe with me; they helped serve countless breakfasts at the diner; they got me to class and through tests. They eventually ripped through the heels, as all Chuck Taylors will do, and I had to let them go.

I have a new pair, now. They are black, with orange and red flames traveling up the front. For what new challenge will they be lucky?

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