Saturday, October 29, 2011

Small Craft Business: Saturday How-To

I purport to write how-to nonfiction. I teach people how to make soap. I've had several other books in the works for a while now, and need to get cracking on them. 

Like making balms and butters.

And making lotions.

And how to run a damn craft business. 

And how to make gifts for the holidays. 

While I do publish others, I have recently  come to the conclusion that I need to publish more and more of my own things. The books from others are good, and they are going to be awesome, and I'm proud of them. 

But I need to do more of my own thing. 

That said, when I finally kick my own arse and get it moving, on Saturdays I will post sneak peeks of the tutorials I'm writing. Howdya like them apples?

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