Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jeezy Crotch

Statistics! How I love them. I love looking at the stats for my blog, grabbing a tissue, and weeping. 

I kid, I kid. 

What I really love is when the "Search Keywords" stats really bring it. Like, today, for instance. In the past week, the top search terms for my blog were:

  • rex smith
  • soapcrone denver
  • 80's style leather pants
  • cool craft business
  • free crochet slipper
  • frog dissection sweater
  • jeezy crotch
  • mini chalkboards

Let's have a look at them, shall we?

Crafte-blog and groovygrrl.blogspot both warm my heart. Someone KNEW my blog and searched for it. Thank you, random people! I love yoooooou!

I wrote a post once about Rex Smith. Said post also features Kip Winger, who often shows up in the search terms, as well. I think it's funny, and you should read it.

Soapcrone Denver warms my heart as well, because it means my soap company and my blog are somehow connected. Love it.

Cool craft business? I'll take it. Free crochet slipper? Not here, sorry. I do have a photo and link to a pattern for crocheted slippers, but it's not free, and it's not even mine. 

Frog dissection sweater? I'D WEAR ONE.

Mini chalkboards? I'm sure they are adorable, but I don't remember featuring them. 
Jeezy crotch. JEEZY CROTCH?  Really? REALLY?     For which pervert is this a search term?


  1. Anonymous7:38 PM

    LOL!! Well now that you have blogged about it you will come up even higher in Google rankings for Jeezy Crotch--you own it now!
    Really made me laugh....


  2. Anonymous6:51 AM

    I liked this post so much I totally stole the idea and did it for my blog today. Still chuckling the next day over yours...and, btw, I checked and you are #1 in Google for Jeezy Crotch!


  3. Umm...dare I ask what a jeezy crotch is??? I wonder what I would come up with? Thanks for the idea.