Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Decorate My Craft Fair Booth?

Help me with my display, please. I think it's just okay. I don't have the flair that some people do. I know that I should display items at different levels, use bright colors ,and hang things from my tent to catch the eye. 

Is a chock-full table the way to go, like I have above? Or is a neater display the way to go?


  1. M&M8:25 AM

    I don't know much about craft displays, but I'm a garage sale freak..whether selling or buying. Lol
    I think it's a teensy bit cluttered looking.
    I love the wooden crates and baskets...the round basket that looks like a crudite platter is very cute!
    The plain cardboard signs give it a rustic country flair.
    Your signs for soap identification? look sort of big...but I am just looking at a pic. ;)
    Are you allowed to put anything on the ground around the legs or just beside your display....maybe wood crates or a rough wood shelf/bookshelf. I know that people say to not put too much in front so people don't trip over things, but I find that when I put some things out in front of my tables people are more drawn to my area...important in a Neighborhood yard sale..too much selection..pleh. LOL
    Not sure if there are standard display rules at your shows either.
    What about hanging the old metal multilayer veggie baskets my grandma used to hold onions, and potatoes in...not sure if you know what I looks multi-tiered with each tier successfully bigger from top to bottom and each tier hangs from a chain. You can find them at yard sales, re-uzit stores, auctions...I think they might have even had newer looking ones at walmart..not sure. You could "antique" them anyhoo with a little bit of sponge painting or brass colored spray paint.
    For fall you could also use cornicopia baskets to display your soap..using different hues spilling out of the basket.
    Have you ever showed a picture display of how you make the soap? I think it's cool when I see how the purveyor made their products....of course we are homeschoolers..we're weird like that.
    Again, I don't know much...You obviously have a wonderful and successful business. Have a great time doing it and thanks for letting me add 2 cents.

  2. Thank you for the commentary. I like the hanging basket idea--I think it would add interest. I have had a wooden ladder out front before, but it was too easy for items to be stolen from it in a farmer's market setting. I am considering using it during a craft show this fall, where it will be contained in a room and I can monitor it. The shelves formed by the ladder are a big help for varying the heights.

    I appreciate your input!

  3. HI Amy! I don't have a lot to add. If I am ever able to drop by it might be easier to say but my first thought was that it looked a bit overcrowded. I think the basket idea sounded good but you could probably just use less product out there. My mom used to sell hair product at her shop and I would arrange it so each product would be easy to read and would pop out at the customer. At BnN- on their table, they have plenty of books available for sale on a title but only ONE of the books might be on visible display at a time but it POPS. Then they replace it as soon as it's gone. It keeps things a bit cleaner. And they have layers which is why the basket idea would be good for you. Sorry to hear about your knee and congrats on posting every day!