Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Roller Derby is Crafty

Skull Headband
 Roller derby is the fastest growing sport in the U.S., and possibly the world. Following trends like this can be good for your crafting business. I did a search on Etsy for "roller derby" and found these great examples of handmade items that support the roller derby community.

The headband above is an example of derby culture. Skulls, weapons, icons for lightning or pain--these are all motifs that have been adopted by those who participate in roller derby culture. The headband is crafted beautifully, and it comes in different colors, so the derby girl can match it to her team's colors, if she wanted. What icons do you enjoy and use, that you can repurpose for a different community/culture?

Skate T-Shirt

This screenprinted t-shirt is another example of original art and handmade quality. (My daughter actually has this shirt--grandma bought it for her.) Do you draw? Can your drawings show "derby love?" 

Customized Helmet Panties
 These are called helmet panties. They are used during game play to indicate two particular skaters: the pivot (stripe) and the jammer (star).  This artisan is serving the derby community directly by manufacturing an item that is necessary for game play--the helmet panties are required equipment for a team to compete. Could you manufacture something needed to play the game? Could you do it better than the standard? 

Funk Blockers
These items are called funk blockers. They are made of fabric and are filled with a dessicant--a substance that absorbs moisture. Roller girls sweat a lot, and much of this sweat becomes trapped inside pads and skates. This entrepreneur is helping the derby community solve a very important problem--getting rid of the stench! What can you make that will help solve a problem?

Customized Beanie
This crocheted beanie is showing some love for my favorite team: The Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. Because it has "my" team's colors and their initials, I automatically want it. WANT WANT WANT! What can you make in team colors? (Update: I bought it at a bout. The black yarn has silvery stuff running through it. Awesome!)

Find the trend and fill the need. What other trends are you noticing around you?

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