Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Up the Mountain and Down

Public school teachers catch a lot of grief from politicians, which trickles down to the general public. We are the devil, you know. We sit around on our fat asses, collecting big, fat, unionized paychecks. For nothing, I tell you. Nothing!

I cannot account for you the million things I do every day for the children of Denver, Colorado. I will tell you that I took them up the mountain last Thursday, though. The photo above will show you what kind of day it was. I breathed clean air, got a vigorous workout, and only had to hear the word "balls" once. It was a really good day.

Now, I am nursing an inflamed knee, because of walking down the mountain. Walking up is not a problem. Walking down uses all the tiny muscles you never knew you had, and I slipped and fell once, as everybody else did. And of course, I didn't remember to put in worker's compensation paperwork for the "injury." It's not "injured," just hurt. Whatever. I'm not going to bother with fighting that. (Update: It got worse! I turned in the paperwork yesterday, got it approved, and went to the doctor. I have an MRI to be scheduled for this week.)

That tree and blue sky remind me of the day I got married, which was 15 years ago today. The trees were turning then, too, and it was a beautiful day. 

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