Wednesday, October 05, 2011

To-Do List: A Glimpse into the Life of a Crafty Entrepreneur

  • file annual report to keep LLC updated
  • order pumps for 4oz bottles
  • call ahead on pumps to see if you can return the seals that did not fit, and can order seals that do fit with the pump order
  • create sheets of designs to be printed at Staples
  • get said sheets printed at Staples (use 30% off coupon)
  • launder clothes
  • put new toe stops on Maulie's skates
  • figure out how to set pendants so they are flat
  • find cover for pendants while drying (danger: curious cat)
  • make waxing appointment
  • keep waxing appointment
  • make mani/pedi appointment (Weekly Plus deal)
  • keep mani/pedi appointment
  • bottle face lotion to take to work for Melissa
  • prepare meat for salads
  • hand-paint designs printed from Staples, let dry
  • punch out designs, seal in pendants, let dry
  • seal pendants and apply glass, let dry
  • order organza bags for pendants
  • order business cards for pendants
  • make sugar scrub
  • make lotion
  • make lavender bath fizzies
  • package lip balms and gift bag for Punks bout (deliver on Oct. 9)
  • complete home refinance paperwork
  • do publishing payroll
  • do publishing monthly taxes
  • do quarterly craft taxes

I wrote this list on Sunday, October 2, in the evening. When it's published on October 5, it will reflect everything I've accomplished since then.


  1. I must confess it would take me a year to complete a list this long! Procrastination is a family curse...

  2. I don't have a year! For the crafty thing, I have barely a month! For some other things, as you can tell, I have more time. Much of the strike-throughs were completed on Monday. It was a very productive day. Then I burnt out and could barely do a thing on Tuesday.