Friday, October 07, 2011

Living the Life of a Hero

"If you could live the life of any heroine or hero from one of your favorite books, which one would it be?"

I read this and think, "You're kidding, right?"  Because all of the heroes from my favorite books lived wild, adventured-filled lives, full of action and intrigue. And in the older literature, all the heroes were men, of course, which doesn't really matter for the sake of this prompt. But I am compelled to point out that women were rarely heroines.

That rather obvious point aside, I choose to live the life of Porthos, a Musketeer who drank the best wine, slept with the best women, and enjoyed life to the fullest. He was fiercely loyal, a stalwart fighter, and provided much-needed comic relief. 

Who would you choose?

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