Sunday, October 23, 2011

To Wit

I love the phrase, "To Wit." When using this phrase, you are essentially saying, "Hey, that thing I just said? Here's a good example." So, today, I'm using it with regards to my last post: talk to people about your craft ideas. TO WIT:

This photo was posted to my Facebook page on Thursday at about 8:30pm.  All the commentary I got was positive, and several people said "WANT!" and "Must have!!" and "How much are they?" The comments came quickly. I've got a lot of "likes" on that photo, and about 20 comments, I think.

See? Lots of buzz happening about my project, already. Oh, and that's the power of  Facebook. Your true friends want your business to succeed, and will help you. (To wit: see that button below this post? The one with the Facebook icon? You could click that, if you wanted.)

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