Friday, October 21, 2011

Small Business: Take a Break!

Turns out I was ill! A low-level virus infected our house. My husband and daughter had it, too. We are all worn out and dragging.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

This weekend, I am going to declare Saturday to be Family Time at Home Day.  Popcorn will be popped and movies will be watched. Jammies will be worn. We need it!  

Which reminds me:  Hey, you! Small business owner! Take a day off, once! 


  1. Anonymous7:01 PM

    I was just thinking this today! Since it's Friday, most people (like my 15yo son) go "woohoo, weekend!" But for me, the days sometimes blend into each other. And weekends aren't really a break from anything. Maybe I should take off on a Tuesday?

  2. Yes, you should! Any day that feels like a break. It's necessary--burnout is a real thing.