Thursday, October 01, 2009

To Do List In My Head

  • make soap
  • make sugar scrub
  • pack soap orders and mail
  • make bath fizzies
  • package bath fizzies
  • make lotion
  • package lotion
  • mail lotion to the Old Capitol City Rollergirls
  • read submissions
  • reject submissions
  • offer contracts on accepted submissions
  • send submissions to editor
  • send submission back from editor to author
  • read submission again
  • publish submission
  • write submissions portal text for new website.
  • send said text to web guy
  • finish book
  • format book
  • publish book
  • begin next book
  • make presents for christmas
  • exercise and eat right
  • sleep once in a while
You'll forgive me if I forgot to call. Or email. Or forgot your name.


  1. Wow, that is some to-do list! Good luck!

  2. The question is, do you remember YOUR name? Jimminee. You definitely need an assistant.

    Straight From Hel