Sunday, October 11, 2009

5 Things

Diabrawlical, of the Skate Free or Die Rollergirls (NH).

We've got a lot of new bloggers for NaBloWriMo this year, so I thought I'd tell a bit about myself. Fellow bloggers who are looking for a post idea, please feel free to do the same.

5 Things I love right now:

1. Roller derby. I love that it is run by women, I love that they kick ass without apology, I love that they are so very real and so very theatrical at the same time. I love that style and image are welcome but not important. I love that the focus is on athleticism. I love it all.

2. My iPhone. I waited for 3 years to get this thing, and I have not been disappointed at all. The maps application is amazing--the little blue dot moves right along the map with you. I love being able to email photos immediately after I take them. I love how the headphones have a microphone in them so I can answer the phone and talk on the phone without removing the headphones. I could do a whole post on my iPhone, but I won't. I'm certain your eyes would roll back in your head.

3. Losing weight. I'm on a plateau right now, which is frustrating, but that's how the whole process has been. I've lost 32 pounds since January 1, and I'm working on getting out of that rut. To motivate myself, I've emptied the closet of all clothes that are 2 and 3 sizes too big, and I'm giving them to a friend and the Goodwill.

4. Being a publisher. I am working on a large project with my web guy, to create the premier site for folks to find photographed craft tutorials. I will sell them as ebooks only--go green! Here is a preview. I'm going to have the black line taken off the headlines at the top. The color scheme is spot-on.

5. My daughter. Her language progress is amazing right now, as well as her brain development. Yesterday we took a dog to the park for a walk, and we played pretend the whole time, with sticks she found. They were magic wands, don't you know? Afterward, we bought some craft supplies, and she made Halloween cards to send to grandma. She's just so damned cool.


  1. I'm so happy to be participating in the NaBloWriMo. Must admit I was nervous, but I'm really enjoying it now! You were right, everything becomes blog worthy in life when you have to blog for 31 days straight. Lol.

    Watch out with the iphone. Greg got his about a year ago and loves it so much that he should be a salesman. He talked my Dad and brother into getting one. Lol. "There's an app for that" - you'll be saying it before long too!

  2. Wow. Roller derby run by women. I'm so glad I joined NaBloWriMO - I am discovering new, different and non-food blogs that I am enjoying!