Friday, October 02, 2009

Derby Weekend!

I love roller derby! I love it like some folks love football. I love it so much, I am an official sponsor of the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. 300 samples of lotion that I made went into the gift bags for this weekend's Western Regionals tournament: Rocky Mountain Rollergirl Rink Rash Eradicator. Hee!

Being an official sponsor makes me so proud! I am working with their sponsorship coordinator to figure out some sort of package for the next season. This is very exciting for me. Yes, I like the local advertising, but it is also something that could turn bigger. Could I be the official lotion crafter for the Women's Flat Track Derby Association? I have already been approached by the Old Capitol City Rollergirls in Iowa City for gift bags at the end of October. (I'm from Iowa, and went to the University of Iowa, and my friend Suke is on the team. Quantum Bombshell is her name.) Maybe the rollergirls that are bouting this weekend here in Denver will love the stuff so much, they'll approach me to make it for their teams.



  1. That is SO frickin' cool. You'll spread your good stuff throughout the whole world!

    BTW, are you interested in "Whip It?" I'm kinda dying to see it.

  2. We won tickets to Whip It at the last roller derby bout! We have to wait until mid-October to cash them in, though. But yes, I am excited to see it!

    I just finished watching a bout on the internet--my girls won! I have to go buy my ticket for tomorrow night's bout. :)