Tuesday, October 06, 2009

So Mad.

I am SO MAD at my previous web hosting company. Don't bother going to my website--I don't have one anymore! Income? Feeding my family? Forget it! Ain't gonna happen! Because this TROGLODYTE can't email or call a person back. I've been calling and emailing for literally WEEKS now, and finally got an email today. You know why?

Because I said I'd be holding him financially liable for lost income if he didn't fix it.

He comes back with, "We had emailed you, from the email that's hooked up to this account." Um...dude? That email goes straight to my Gmail. Liar!! He never emailed me. And he certainly didn't call me back.

And now to fix this? I need one number. One stinking number from him. There is NO WAY to find this guy. The phone? An automated message. "Press 1 for our sales department." Yeah, right! "Press 2 for support." What's that? "Press 3 for billing." Like that's gonna happen. It's all the same, dude! I know it's just you!


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