Friday, October 30, 2009


Today I was shocked out of my two-snow-day torpor by my daughter bursting into the house and saying, "Mama! Come quick! The windshield broke!" My husband had taken her out of the house so I could get some publishing work done, so I was surprised to see her at all. Apparently, they had got as far as down the block, when the back window (not the windshield) shattered for no reason.

No reason! Can you imagine it? Driving down the street when HUGE POP and then KSHHHH! and glass falling down onto the back seat.

My daughter was crying from the shock of it. I got on the phone to the glass people and made an appointment. My actual windshield had huge cracks in it, and this happening made me ask for a deal if they would replace both. I have to go in tomorrow for the windshield in the front, but the back one is now replaced.

While I was waiting for the glass shop to do their magic, I walked down the street to occupy myself. I bought that awesome Doors lighter and incense at the used CD store, and also went to the metaphysical book store and had an "intuitive reading." Her thoughts were interesting, and relatively intuitive. Does anybody else think it's funny that they don't call them "psychic" readings anymore?

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