Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday

*teacher walks in with a bloody finger*

Teacher 1: damn it! I cut my finger on a box.

Other teacher,who borrows first teacher's room: Eew! You're all bloody. You're Bloody McGee.

Teacher 1: It fits for Halloween, anyway.

Student writing a scary story: Miss! I need your finger to put blood on my paper!

Teacher 1: No!

Other teacher: Stop that!

Student: Well then, can I have the stapler?

Both teachers: NO!!


  1. Bwahahahaha!

    "Overheard in the Classroom"

    Why wouldn't they let him/her use the stapler?

  2. Because he wanted to blood up his own finger.

  3. smacfoo8:50 PM

    bloody mcgee. very popular haloween costume this year.

  4. I like Bloody McGee.

    I think whenever I want to call someone something, I'll call them something like this...like "Sneezy McGee", "Stuffy McGee", "Stinky McGee"...the possibilities are endless!

    Sudiegirl McGee