Friday, October 27, 2006

Parent-teacher conferences

You'd think that after those student conversations, and that headline right up there, that this post would be witty, thrilling, and altogether entertaining.

Well, you would be wrong if you thought those things, because parent-teacher conferences are rarely fun. I enjoy meeting parents and talking to them. I rarely have a parent who is "angry" or "upset" or "criminally insane." But we sometimes do. One learns to live with it.

So last night I stayed after school, ate some pizza provided by the principal, took off and went to my own parent conference at the elementary school, came back, and stayed until 8pm. This morning, we were there from 8am-12pm, and then we had a 1/2 day off. So here I am, dull and listless. Barely blogging.

One learns to live with it.

1 comment:

  1. I guess I never thought about conferences from a teacher's POV before. I dreaded them as a student, but at least my parents went to them together, and they didn't chew me out unless it was legitimately a case of me goofing off.

    And of course, that never happened...*rolls eyes, smirks*