Tuesday, October 17, 2006


First snow of "this" fall/winter! It's sticky and thick and wonderful! No more allergies!

Of course, the children were wacko at school. Why does that happen? Why does a change in the weather make them crazy? Probably the same reason the full moon does. Also, they are hormonal and wacky on any given day, and many of them are also just plain terrible.

Yeah, I said it.

So I came home from a VERY productive day at work (how did that happen?), and became very productive at home. DH had been doing his usual Tuesday basement remodeling with Friend J., so I made dinner: fresh-baked scones (yeah, I can bake), scrambled eggs with cheese, and sausages. And coffee.

After the past few days, I needed some early-evening coffee. DD has been staying up very late at night. Of course, today she won't fall asleep right away because she didn't go outside--bad weather. However, when grandma comes over on Tuesdays, she's often worn out because grandma plays with her a lot.

We'll see.

I have to make a half-batch of soap tonight because I'm almost out of palm oil, and don't have enough for my standard batch. I do have enough to make a half-batch I think, which will be good because I have to make felted soaps for my holiday craft fair.

One more day almost down.


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  1. I know I've asked before, but I'm asking again...WHAT IS FELTED SOAP??

    I are dying to know!