Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Celebrity "Exhaustion"

Okay. I am quite tired. Last night, the cutie didn't fall asleep for a long time. Then, at about 2am, she woke up, crying. Why? She kept grabbing her legs/knees and saying 'owie.' Leg cramp?

Or maybe she had a nightmare, we decided. After talking to our school psychologist, he mentioned that night terrors start when kids begin having "stranger danger" or a fear of new people. She did start going to school just a couple of weeks ago, so maybe she's processing all that stress.

In any case, I'm tired as hell. Made the soap last night, but can't tonight because my oil order isn't in. I am literally out of the necessary materials. So, I am taking the night off from soap making. I did cut the soap from last night, and it smells great, and whoopity doo I don't give a shit anymore would someone just please let me sleep?

Alright, then.

p.s. why "celebrity exhaustion?" Because I don't believe them. I don't think they know what exhaustion is.

1 comment:

  1. I'd have to agree.

    However, I think celebrites from way back when knew what exhaustion was...I remember watching a tv show about how it was in the 20's through the 40s with regard to movie studios and how they worked their contract players.

    Let's just say I wound up not being envious.