Monday, October 02, 2006

Almost over

The day is almost over--literally. Only 40 minutes until midnight. And I'm finally blogging for the day.

My job is going relatively well, I guess. I'm not stressed out, really. I just work continually, with barely any breaks. I also often work late, which annoys me. Tomorrow I'm going to go in early and see if I can get some work done that way.

After school, I came home and made soap. It's the best swirl I've ever done. See for yourself, above.

I have to make at least 5 batches of soap this week, to keep up. Well, not even to keep up. I've got to start making shitloads of soap for the holiday "rush." I'm doing the craft fair this year, as well, so that's going to mean more production. I am gambling that it will also mean more money. Maybe I'll be able to pay all of the sales taxes I've collected all year.

Maybe not.


DH is ill. It seems that he has been ill for several weeks. It's hard to say, because he hides illness and pain and things like that until they become severe. I believe he just has a bad cold, but things sometimes mutate. Ask my friend Ann--strep throat turned into a staph infection in her HEAD. This was the first week in August. She is still not healed. It's awful--she was in the hospital twice.

Of course, DH just whines and pouts, and talks about how uncomfortable he is. "Perhaps you should cancel your Day of Remodeling (Tuesdays) tomorrow, if you're that sick."

"Oh, no, we skipped last week. We can't skip another week."

"Yes, you can. You're sick."

"Naaaw....I'll be better tomorrow."


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