Wednesday, October 04, 2006

First day of school, take two.

I have had two first days this year. One in August, and one today.

Today, my teeny, tiny little girl went to school. You see, she has a speech delay, and has been receiving private speech therapy all summer. I recommended her for a public school evaluation in June, but of course they couldn't do it, as it was summer.

Right at the beginning of the school year, then, the ball got rolling for her evaluation. It happened pretty quickly, and was handled well. Of course, I teach special ed myself, so I was rather critical of the process.

Did they move faster because they knew I was a special ed teacher? I will never know.

In any case, her evaluation was finished in September, and since then we've been waiting for her paperwork to "go through." Much like digestion, yes. It went through last week, and I talked to the teacher on Friday. On Monday the girlie went to school just for a few minutes to visit, and then today she went to school for real.

I was an emotional wreck on the inside. On the outside, I was "too busy to worry." Ha. That is a lie, for future reference.

Papa picked me up, and we drove to her school in the afternoon. We got there a little early, and her class was outside on the playground. It was so precious to see her running around with other kiddos in her class. We didn't want to take away her play time, so we sat on a bench across the street and watched her. It was amazing, how independent she seemed. I was sad to think that she could be at school and not need me or papa. It's the strangest feeling, to be both sad and happy and proud at the same time.

She is so worn out tonight, which we expected. I think one more episode of Spongebob, then a bath, and then bed.

Sweet cutie.


  1. My oldest niece had dyspraxia (like dyslexia but it affects the speech functions of the brain) when she was your daughter's age...and she had it licked by the time she hit kindergarten. We all helped my sis out by working with Courtney on her speech, plus she had at-home speech therapy and special pre-school speech therapy.

    Isn't it amazing what they can do now? I'm thankful, and I bet you are too.

  2. That was cute. Like when I have a kid someday I'll remember that story as I talk to the police about how the class hedgehog ended up in the tree with a tutu on.

  3. If it were my father being questioned, I'd get in trouble but he'd have to ask me how the hell I got the hedgehog up there in the first place.