Sunday, October 01, 2006


The market was as I expected today: busy and spendy. Woo hoo! Let's see:

Payday weekend


Good weather


Good sales.

Coincidence sometimes shines on us.

Because of the good sales day, I am now swamped with soap making. I am out of Ancient Times, I sold out of Ladies' Lovely Complexion Soap today, and I have to make Bare Bones, Straight-Up, No-Nonsense Soap. I also have to start felting soaps, and making gift baskets.

That craft fair looms large! I am feeling The Fear of the Overworked Yet Underprepared.

Of course, I will be prepared when the time comes. No sleep until then, I guess.


  1. how do you felt soap?

  2. wrap wool roving around it, wet it, squish it around, wet it, squish it around, repeat repeat repeat. Then dunk it in cold water and let it dry. Essentially.