Thursday, March 24, 2011

Business Update: 2011 Moving Right Along

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Earlier this year, I posted some of our goals for 2011. Things are moving right along, and I thought an update is in order--not just to show you all what the goal-setting and follow-through process looks like, but to keep my ass in check. Keeping such close tabs on my goals is an actual goal of mine this year, but I don't think I wrote it down. Or kept track of it. Sigh.

The 2011 Business Goals Update:

Original goal #1: Attend one craft fair/market per month (as available) on Saturdays, varying the location.

Update: I've been accepted into the Firefly spring market (April), and the Horseshoe Craft and Flea markets (May and October). I don't know why I haven't applied for the third market I was looking at--probably because of deadlines. I will check on that next week. Additionally, I signed up to sponsor the Handmade Soap competition for the first-annual Denver County Fair! That's four days straight at the end of July. Whee! Outcome: Successful! Keep going!

Original goal #2: Increase contact with shop/spa owners who may want to do private label body products.

Update: I have one private label client who has re-ordered. I have been talking to another one: saw in person, got an email from the buyer requesting samples, emailed to remind her twice, she liked them and asked for a price list. Awesome. I also contacted a new shop opening up in Denver, and the owner was immediately responsive to the idea--I have an appointment with her on Friday, to show her samples and talk about it. My husband made a sample batch of a special soap, and he will begin talking to people in his world about those deals. Outcome: Potentially succesful! Keep pushing!

Original goal #3: Create a monthly sale for the website, and advertise it through our newsletter list.

Update: I have done this--had a monthly soap sale and have been sending newsletters every two weeks. Sales keep coming in, but I don't know if they are more or less than last year. Outcome: Successful! Keep it up!

New goal: Guest blog 3x per month, to increase traffic and sales.

Update: I'm adding this goal because I've been guest blogging already, and it is a direction I want to take. The guest blogging is for my publishing business, but it's crafty, too, so I'm including it here. Outcome: 2x per month achieved.

New goal: Continue Featured Crafter segment weekly, for the entire year.

Update: If you follow this blog, you know I've been keeping up ever since I said I was starting it again. I predict success. Outcome: In progress.

How has your progress been? Let us know in the comments!

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