Thursday, March 03, 2011

All at Once

The life of an entrepreneur does not happen bit by bit. You must know this. If you have not yet started your craft business, know this. Accept it now.

If you are the sort of person who does not handle chaos well, then this business life may not be for you.

I'm not saying to you must accept the chaos or embrace the chaos. I'm asking you to accept the fact that entrepreneurial things happen all at once, much of the time, and are chaotic, and you must be good at

making sense and order out of the chaos.

When you are having a slow, mellow period in your week, get to work on your crafting. Pre-work. Cut fabric strips. Pre-measure soap oils. Order supplies online. Do something every day to keep things moving forward.

Because when it rains, it pours. An entrepreneur must have said that first.

Here are my tips for managing chaos:

1. Stop. Assess the situation, then respond.
2. Carry your calendar with you at all times.
3. Say, "no," often and as needed.
4. Be professional. If you are scheduling a meeting, and the time they asked for doesn't work for you, don't just say "I'm not available then. When else?" Say this, "I can't do that time. Next week I am available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday anytime after 4pm." That's faster and more specific. It respects the other person, and yourself.
5. Note when bloggers wax philosophical about situations they are currently experiencing, and pay attention so you can be successful the first time.

What are your best tips for staying organized and on-track? How do you manage the chaos?

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